Sunday, February 22, 2015

Changes at RML kids!

We've had quite a few changes at RML over the last year - most notably some new staff members and a new online system. This January, we also saw story time's beloved Ms. Patty take a new position at RML. She will be focusing more on the cataloging and behind-the-scenes tasks that allow RML to be part of our larger consortium. Who knew she was so great with statistics and online systems! She will also be developing some great Adult programming. Of course you will still see her at the desk, but she will be taking a break from the story time routine.
 In her place, staff member Nancy McGuinness will be stepping in to help me run all the children's programs! She is very knowledgeable about our children's collection and very excited for the 2-year-old story time. (Poor Ms. Nancy has had her 2-yr-old story time cancelled for the last 4 weeks due to snow!)
I tried long and hard to find a photo of her - turns out she is camera shy and I should have just snapped one of her at work! So the best I could do is this picture from a few Halloween's ago - she's the pretty one in the back dressed as Glinda the good witch!

Lastly, below is a note from Ms. Patty - somewhat bittersweet, but we know she won't be able to keep her nose out of all that is going on with kids@rml! Please comment if you'd like to let Ms. Patty know how she has made a difference for your child in story time!

"The story time room is the best place in the library: the sunny warmth, the bright colors, the music playing in the background, paint and glue and glitter.  And that’s even before the children arrive.  Once the children start to run in (because that’s what they do!), it becomes a place of so much laughter and creativity.  I will miss it more than I can say.

From the start, I wanted my story times at Richmond Library to be a moment in the day of a child that was fun, but also safe and relaxing.  I brought in blankets and in the first years, we made blanket forts on occasion.  I also encouraged the children to grab an “animal friend” who would sit “quietly” in the child’s lap during story time.  I wanted there to be predictability and routine, since the youngest children thrive when they know what to expect.  Hence, the bell!  I delighted in seeing how so many children had to work up the courage to ring that bell for the first time!  And the ukulele, and always starting with “The More We Get Together”.  I have always felt it was important that we “know” our story time children, and therefore I made an effort to learn all of their names…I think I did pretty well with that.

The flannel board games,  “The Story of Ferdinand”, “Minerva Louise”, “Caps for Sale”, “Where is the Green Sheep”, “Owl Babies”, “There was a little turtle…”, “Two little blackbirds…”,“Open, Shut Them.”…if you have ever attended a Ms. Patty story time, you know these well!  I know Ms. Eileen, and soon Ms. Nancy will, have their own stand-bys and we can each recite several books from memory.  These do not slip from memory, so even though I won't regularly be in the best room in the library, I can jump in at a moment’s notice and do a bit of painting and gluing and read a few books, and sing a few songs.  I hope I can, but until that time….remember, what happens in the story time room can make all the difference." - Ms. Patty
Ms. Eileen & Ms. Patty, Book Expo 2014

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Next Chapter: Pirate Scavenger Hunt!

Our book choice for January's Next Chapter Reading Club was Jack Plank Tells Tales by Natalie Babbitt.
The kids had to go on a scavenger hunt and find all different kinds of books and materials in the Library related to arrrggghhh, pirates of course!
There are pirate stories, pirate biographies, pirate facts, pirate ships, pirate picture books, pirates online, and even a pirate cookbook!
 Later we talked like pirates and ate gold (a.k.a. Corn Pops), because those are the kinds of things we do at Next Chapter!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Take Your Child to the Library Day Raffle Winners!

Here's a quick post with a list of winners from our Raffle! Thanks for visiting today! Pictures to come!

Jordan Family - Babymouse 'Skatergirl'
B. Tripp - Captain Underpants tote bag
Noah H. - Squish 'Game On!' autographed copy
Evie T. - 'Bake Sale' autographed copy
Kairi T. - Pop My Little Pony figurine
Elias L. - 'Extreme Babymouse'
Nicole C. - 'Fish in a Tree' & 'One for the Murphys' pack
Farrelly Family - Pop Captain American figurine
Nicholas P. - Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Saturday February 7 is Take Your Child to the Library Day!

Don't forget to stop by from 10am-2pm this coming Saturday! We will have raffles, giveaways, cupcakes, and activities all day. Meet Babymouse, take a drawing lesson, and check out our great collection of comic/graphic novels for all ages!
See the full schedule under Important Dates in the column to the right! See you then!