Saturday, March 5, 2016

'Clothing' Storytime With Help From Pete the Cat!

We had a storytime 'makeup' week Friday so I decided to forgo our usual craft activity for something different. After reading our stories, we went on a scavenger hunt for Pete the Cat's missing buttons! I got the idea from a pin by Homegrown Friends (who used 'buttons' of a better size than I did but you work with what you got).

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London
Snowy Sunday by Phyllis Root
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin

Scavenger Hunt:
Homegrown Friends had the idea to add her child's initials to the buttons they were supposed to find. Since I had about 12 kids in storytime, I decided to just make three different kinds of buttons in 4 different colors and see if the kids could find all 4 colors in the same pattern for their shirts. It was tough for some of the 4 & 5 year-olds still, but I think they even learned a bit while trying to match the patterns. Here they are hunting for buttons!

They had a blast! Here's some Pete the Cat you can check out, or stay tuned as I just saw he's getting his own television show soon!

Pete the Cat on YouTube