Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Ducky!

I confess, sometimes I plan my story time around not just a book I want to read, but one character I want to read about. When this book came in, I knew right away that story time would be about ducks this week because of the little fellow on the cover: 

John's story about an extremely tired bear who wants nothing but to sleep, and an extremely annoying duck who only wants a friend to hang out with, had the kids smiling the whole way through. With a nod to Willems' pigeon, the duck repeatedly asks questions, only to have the bear answer, "No". What's kind of fun is that the bear doesn't give in, but ends up paying the price for his repeated interruptions anyway.

Here are the kiddos making some baby duck prints for their craft:

 For more great story time books about 'ducks', check out:
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