Monday, January 31, 2011

Book A Day: The Last One

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the new books and materials at the library; I know Ms. Eileen and I have enjoying reviewing them for you. We'll continue to review new (and older) items as they strike us. Our final selection for our Book a Day blog event features a lot of books AND a librarian; just perfect!

"The Library Gingerbread Man", by Dotti Enderle with illustrations by Colleen Madden is a take on the classic tale. Here the gingerbread man escapes from his book as the librarian is placing it on the shelf. What follows is a chase through the library and the Dewey Decimal System as the gingerbread man runs from the wizard of the thesaurus at 423.1, past the robots from 629.892, right through to the biography section. As in the classic tale, the gingerbread man is tricked by a fox (in this case an arctic fox from 998) but is caught at the last moment by the clever librarian who returns him to his book where he'll await eager readers.

The Dewey system continues to confound many, but this book helps make it more accessible, and fun! Ms. Patty

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Storytime Week 2: Polar Bears Redux

Since we didn't get to do "Polar Bears" with Thursday or Fridays storytimes, we'll try again this week. For the Monday group, so we don't get out of sync with the Thursday and Friday groups, we'll do some sponge painting and read a few favorites as I reshuffle the storytime agenda. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the library is able to open tomorrow!

Book A Day: Day 27

More snow on the way? See book title. Enough said.
Okay, sorry for the delay and the wisecracks. This weather and all the problems it has brought to the Library are taking it's toll! Luckily, most of our books were not damaged by the burst water pipe so we still have ones to blog about!
Who doesn't love Maisy and writer/illustrator Lucy Cousins? This is one of her 'Maisy First Experiences Books' and Maisy and Cyril are heading for the beach! Ms. Eileen has to love any book that includes postcards, the word 'seaside', and a mouse and squirrel hanging out in cool hats in what definitely could be Miami. (And don't worry Maisy fans, she did bring Panda along for the trip!)
Here's to hoping you all find a little 'vacation' spot this week - even if only in your mind! Ms. Eileen

Friday, January 28, 2011

Book A Day: Day 26


Today's pick is a picture book called Pobble's Way by Simon Van Booy. Pobble and her father set out for a walk in the winter woods and play a fun game along the way. Winter mushrooms on a tree must be 'frog umbrellas' decides Pobble, and a lost feather becomes a 'tickle stick'! Little do they know that when Pobble drops her fluffy pink mitten, the woodland animals play a game of their own. Owl decides the mitten is a 'wing warmer' while Duck is sure it is a 'fish coat'.

You would think the illustrations would include a lot of snowy white, but illustrator Wendy Edelson brings out the most vivid colors in the animals and scenery. This is a perfect book for this LONG winter we are having, and just may inspire you to take a winter walk of your own. Also a great choice for father's to read and enjoy with their own little Pobbles! Ms. Eileen

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book a Day: Day 25

Today's Book-a-Day review is not a book but a magazine, my favorite child-related magazine "Family Fun". On days like today when we are snowbound pull out an issue of Family Fun and suddenly you have lots of things to do; healthy snacks to make, games to play, crafts to try. I guarantee you that you will discover at least one thing in each issue that will become a family standby. If you've looked at Family Fun, you know that each issue has several crafts, recipes, fun outdoor and indoor games, as well as reviews and articles. One gets the sense that every single idea has been kid-tested and approved. The parenting and child-related magazines are housed in a rack between the DVDs and the children's non-fiction. You can check out magazines (including the most current issue) for one week. Many parents look through the magazines at the library while children are playing or in storytime but feel free to take them home. I highly recommend Family Fun! Ms. Patty

Yet Another Snow Day

Today, Thursday 1/27, the library is closed (mostly because we won't be plowed out until late in the day) so all storytimes are cancelled for the day. I will reschedule the storytime either in the week of school vacation (2/24) or at the end of the session in March.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book A Day: Day 24

I can't say enough about today's pick! This is one of those books
that will charm young and old, and leave you with the warm fuzzies! And if you have a child at home who is into firefighters, you MUST check out this book. It is based on the true story of a lightbulb (yes, I said lightbulb) that was installed in 1901 in Livermore, CA for the local volunteer firefighters. Believe it or not, through 100 years of changes in the way firefighters do their jobs, through a new firehouse and a century of technological advances, that same lightbulb is STILL glowing! This book is a fascinating glimpse into history and is also a wonderful tribute to the men and women who have and continue to protect us all. Perfect for storytime, lessons on community helpers, or anyone for that matter because it is just a cool story! And though it is non-fiction, you will find it with the new picture books. Thank you to the Ribera-Merritt Family for the donation of this charming book. Ms. Eileen
p.s. The lightbulb has it's own webcam! After you read the story, take a look at

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book a Day: Day 23

"Martha Doesn't Say Sorry!" by Samantha Berger, with illustrations by Bruce Whatley is today's selection. Martha is an otter (I felt that was important to state since I wondered myself) who is good at many things including giving hugs, sharing, and doing karate. But, she has a bit of an attitude and does not say she's sorry. As you can imagine this creates a problem for her mother, father, and baby brother. This book has charmed the library staff and it will charm you too. We love the illustrations, from Martha's ladylike haircut and pink dress to her nose-in-the-air attitude. And we like how Martha comes to see the error of her ways (mostly). Berger and Whatley have another Martha book, "Martha Doesn't Share", that is equally charming and I hope we see more of Martha's adventures. Both books are on the new shelf with call number JE Berger. Ms. Patty

Monday, January 24, 2011

Book a Day: Day 22

Today's selection is "A Very Big Bunny" by Marisabina Russo (author of storytime favorite "The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds"). Once again, Ms. Russo creates the most lovable bunny-children with her lively colorful illustrations. The story of Amelia, who is the biggest bunny in her class, is realistic in its portrayal of school life, and poignant as Amelia struggles to fit in. On her own Amelia never feels too big but feels unhappy and out of place with her school mates. One day Susannah, a very small bunny, joins the class and things begin to change for Amelia. You'll see echos of Kevin Henkes' "Chrysanthemum" in this tale. Sharing this book is satisfying on its own, but it also easily lends itself to discussions of feeling left out and fitting in. Ms. Patty

Winter Storytime Week One: Polar Bears

Welcome back to Storytime! For our first week we'll read about polar bears (because don't we all feel like polar bears right about now!)

This Week's Books:
Snow Bear, by Piers Harper
Bear Play, by Miela Ford
Touch the Sky, My Little Bear, by David Bedford and Jane Chapman
Polar Bear Night, by Lauren Thompson, ill. by Stephen Savage
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr.

This Week's Music:
Polar Bear, by The Quiet Two
Polar Bear Stomp, by The Chenille Sisters
Polar Bear Waltz, by Baby Einstein

This Week's Action Rhymes:
The little polar bear swims in the sea
And eats all the fish that he can see
He gets out and shakes his white fur
Rolls in the snow and gives a little "Grrr"
Then he stretches big and tall
And goes to sleep curled up in a ball.

Marco the Polar Bear, white as the snow
Sat down on the ice near the cold water's flow.
"Lunch!" he said, "I'll make a wish."
He stuck in his paw and came up with a fish!

This Week's Art/Craft: A snowy landscape with puffy paint

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book A Day: Day 21

Anthony Browne is the current Children's Laureate of the United Kingdom. This is a position to which a distinguished children's author is elected; it's akin to the Poet Laureate position. Browne's work is immediately recognizable by his crisp, detailed, realistic (almost surreal) illustrations. And his stories touch on philosophical issues in the guise of a simple picture book. Browne is the author/illustrator of "Willy the Dreamer", "The Gorilla" and dozens of others. His most recent book is called "Me and You" and it takes the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy-tale into the 21st century. Told through parallel stories, we follow the urban bears take a walk while a young girl becomes lost in the same city. Their stories collide in the predictable way but with an interesting coda. It's a unique book that lends itself to retelling and exploration. This book has the call number JE Browne and is currently on the New Shelf. Ms. Patty


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book A Day: Day 20

Today's book is a little odd for a storytime choice, but I'm going with it!
Maybe you have one of those kids that really prefers non-fiction, or maybe your kids are like mine and have conned you into not only stories before bed, but time to read or 'look' quietly at another book before lights out. This book is great for both situations. I've talked before about our JE-NF section - easy non-fiction books for our younger children. When it is no longer 'new', that is where this book will be found, along with another title in this country series - China in Colors.
There is a text box on every other page in these books, that highlights something of each color found on each 2-pg spread. For instance, in Russia, gold represents the lights of Moscow, while purple can be found on matryoshka dolls and red teaches us about borscht!
The photos are HUGE, and the entire book is really eye-catching. They include some basic facts in the back as well as a glossary.
I currently have China at home for the 4-yr-old to peruse before bed - better yet, I'll get the 8-yr-old to read it to her! Check these out!
Ms. Eileen

Friday, January 21, 2011

Book A Day: Day 19

I'm so DONE with this weather! So today's book has
nothing to do with winter or snow or anything remotely close! It has to do with balloons and cute porcupines! Isabel wants a balloon more than anything to hold at graduation, like the rest of her classmates. But alas, she is a porcupine, and like her teacher says, "Porcupines + balloons = trouble". Our plucky heroine is not about to give up however, so she and friend Walter come up with some clever ways (such as a 'pop-stopper' and bubble wrap) to keep their quills from popping the balloons. Adorable critters and just a cute, fun story make this a perfect choice for a day when you'd rather think of balloons than snowballs!
Ms. Eileen

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book A Day: Day 18

I saw several moms and children this morning for our Mom's Club story time and was interested to hear that some hadn't heard about our "Book A Day in January" blog event. Hopefully, they've discovered it now and have had a chance to read about some of the great new materials here at RML.

Today's selection is a non-fiction book (J 790.1 Stevens) currently on the New Shelf: "Things to Do With Dad", by Chris Steven (with editing, design, and illustration help from others). This little book is packed with all sorts of fun, mostly free, activities for kids and grown-ups to share. I was delighted to see some of the things my husband and I did with our kids such a making a button yo-yo (p. 97) and building a snow fort (p. 11). (By the way, this is the perfect time to do that!) But I was more delighted to see suggestions for things I'd never thought of such as creating a crazy golf course (p. 6) and making a cloud in a bottle (p. 22). These kinds of activities can make an ordinary day extraordinary and are the kinds of things we remember from our childhoods. Have fun. Ms. Patty

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book A Day: Day 17

Today's book has beautiful eye-catching illustrations by author Anita Lobel (which is part of the reason who I was drawn to it because I love anyone named Lobel!)
Nini ventures out and and away from her warm house to explore the interesting sights and smells of the outdoors. It's a great adventure until night comes and Nini is scared by the other animals lurking in the woods - "This is not so nice anymore," thought Nini. Of course she eventually makes her way back to her cozy home, but you get the idea that this won't be the last time she runs away from home. Any child who has exercised their independence be it through sleeping alone or visiting Grandma will see themselves in Nini! Found with other picture books on the New shelf. Ms. Eileen

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book a Day: Day 16

Yet another snow-day, but the library is open (at least it was last I heard). So for today a controversial selection for our review: "Monsters Eat Whiny Children" by Bruce Eric Kaplan. While no actual children are consumed in this book, the plot centers around monsters who kidnap two whiny kids intending to eat them and deciding upon the best recipe. In the end, of course, as Hansel and Gretel do, the children turn the tables on the monsters and make their getaway. The book has edge, that's for sure, but I found it funny. Opinions among the library staff are mixed and from reading reviews I would say that you either find this book darkly funny or inappropriate. Definitely not for the youngest children, but I think certain kindergartners and older kids will find it amusing. It's worth noting that Kaplan is a frequent cartoon contributor to the New Yorker and his illustration style isn't altered much for the younger audience. He has also been a television writer for "Seinfeld" and "Six Feet Under". You can use those cultural references to help you decide if this book might be for you and your children. For me, this book has a fairy-tale, slightly Maurice Sendak, quality to it, and I think sometimes a little darkness in a picture book is refreshing. This book has the call number JE Kaplan.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Program for Families: Question

Ms. Eileen and I are having fun with our Book-A-Day project and we hope you're enjoying learning about some of the great new books at RML. Besides excellent materials, though, we try to offer great programming and we're always thinking about how to better serve our community. Recently Eileen and I have been mulling over the positive reception that our Family Ornament Making evening received and we're trying to think of a spring program that might have a similar quality***. While performances are always fun (and we have some terrific ones planned!), we also think our RML families enjoy a time to get together with kids and grown-ups and share an activity. We're looking for suggestions. We discussed perhaps a container planting event or some sort of craft. What ideas can you share with us? You know Ms. Eileen and I; we're willing to try anything!

***And yes, by "similar quality" I mean chaos, Ms. Eileen and Ms. Patty slightly frantic and covered in glue and melted substances, kids laughing, parents chatting, and a big mess.

Book A Day: Day 15

"Sneaky Sheep" by Chris Monroe, a new picture book, is today's selection. Chris Monroe is the author/illustrator of a comic-strip as well as few earlier picture books (the wonderfully named "Monkey with a Tool Belt") and her comic-strip sensibilities are shown off in this delightful book. Rocky and Blossom are sheep who live along with 147 other sheep and a dog named Murphy, but Rocky and Blossom aren't content with the sheep life; they want adventure! They've also been known to make bad choices, such as running with the bulls and playing poker with dogs. They are determined to leave their meadow for another meadow high on the mountain but are thwarted by Murphy at every turn, until one day... Mischievously fun with a happy ending, this book will have parents identifying with the put-upon Murphy as he tries to keep his high-spirited wards safe. I can't wait to share this one in storytime. Ms. Patty

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book A Day: Day 14

Today's selection is a real show-stopper! Teruyuki Komiya, acclaimed wildlife photographer, visited Japan's top zoos, photographed the animals and put together "Life-Size Zoo". The book is literally filled with life-size photos of zoo animals ranging from the close-up face of an 10,400 pound Asian Elephant, to the full body of a Four-Toed Hedgehog. Accompanying each remarkable photo are facts about each animal, as well as (when known) information on the animal model him or herself. The text is not an afterthought but instead is rather funny and quite interesting. This book has been awarded the Parent's Choice Gold Award and is truly special. Komiya has followed it up with "Life-Size Aquarium" (also in our library) and his newest, "More Life-Size Zoo" (coming soon). I would recommend that you save this book for school-age children (or brave preschoolers) as the very large pictures of very real animals may frighten younger and more sensitive children. (I think the camel's close-up may give me nightmares!) The book is on the new shelf with call number JE 590 Komiya. Ms. Patty

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book A Day: Day 13

Today's picture book offering is just perfect for the freezing cold morning we had! Soup Day follows a little girl as she helps make Snowy Day Vegetable Soup with her mother.
From counting the vegetables that go in the pot, to slicing them up in different shapes, your little ones will enjoy watching the soup come to life and may learn a few things too!
This is the first time author Melissa Iwai has been both author
and illustrator, and the sturdy pages make it seem like this one has just graduated from board book to picture book!
The illustrations are a charming mix of paint and collage...and
of course, yummy soup! Ms. Eileen

Friday, January 14, 2011

Book A Day: Day 12

Today's choice is just perfect all around! I can't say enough about this easy reader addition - and apparently neither can the critics! Says School Library Journal in their starred review, "...simple sentence structure, repetitive text, and straightforward illustrations that reinforce new vocabulary words, will put this easy reader in the same category as Arnold Lobel's Frog & Toad books." Wow! That's high praise!
Your early readers must check out the sweet stories about these two Chinese-American twins. They may look alike and spent time together, but not everything is "exactly the same"! Author Grace Lin is a favorite who does everything well and with style. Congrats for Ling & Ting! Ms. Eileen

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book a Day: 11

Another snow day for Richmond Memorial Library, but we're still reviewing our book a day. Today, another superlative selection from the non-fiction category; "Today and Today", with haiku by Kobayashi Issa, and illustrations by G. Brian Karas. Issa, as the poet is known, was a Japanese Buddhist priest who lived from 1763 to 1828. He wrote over 20,000 haiku and is considered one of the foremost masters of the form. Karas uses 22 select poems from Issa to tell the life of one family throughout the year from Spring ("Once snows have melted the village soon overflows with friendly children.") to Spring again ("As simple as that, spring has finally arrived with a pale blue sky.") In my opinion, although this book is cataloged with the poetry, it is really a picture book with wonderful illustrations, evocative and sweet, that tell a story along with the haiku. The central story, told with extreme subtly through the illustrations, is of the loss of the grandfather. It's done so gently that unless you're pointing it out it can be overlooked. A simply beautiful book worth checking out. Call number is J 811 Kobayashi (which is confusing and may be changed), but is now located on the new shelf. Ms. Patty

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book A Day: Day 10

Today's book can also be found on the New Shelf at RML, but
after that will be found in the section we call - JE non-fiction.
Just like you would find informational book in J non-fiction,
these books are in a section for our youngest patrons. They
often look like they could be a picture book, but are more
informational and of course, non-fiction! This is a great place
to find books and is sometimes overlooked. If you have young patrons between the ages of 2 and 8, you should definitely check out JE NF!
So when does 1+1=5? When you're talking about the wacky
equations in David LaRochelle's new book, that's when!
1 set of triplets + 1 set of twins =5! And didn't you know that
1 + 1=14? 1 ant + 1 spider =14 legs! And that's how it goes in this fun and colorful book where your kiddos might actually learn something! I'll leave you with one to ponder - when does 1 + 1=0? Check out this book and find out!
Ms. Eileen

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book a Day: Day 9

Another picture book for today's selection: "Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!" by Marie-Louise Gay. A spunky little bunny takes on the task one day of digging the biggest hole on earth but she is slowed down by the animals she encounters on her way. Later, with the help of her dad, she finds a good use for the hole. The illustrations in this book are delightfully unique. Torn-paper, watercolors, and other mixed media are used to create the lively world of Roslyn. I love seeing what clever things she is digging up along with the dirt. My children were hole diggers, always attempting to dig the biggest hole on earth (at one time our backyard was pock-marked with holes big and little!), and they loved Margaret Wise Brown's "Diggers". I'm thrilled to see another author capitalize on the seemingly universal childhood dream, to dig to China or Australia or the South Pole. Join Roslyn on her adventure. This book is with the new picture books with call number JE Gay.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Book a Day: Day 8

"The Boss Baby" by Marla Frazee (a two-time Caldecott Honor medalist) is today's featured selection, a wry look at how the new baby becomes the boss of the home from the minute he arrives. In his suit-and-tie onesie, at his CEO desk/walker, the baby demands drinks made to order, works out at his gym, and calls meetings with his staff (mom and dad). While older siblings and children will appreciate the text and silly illustrations, it's really the parents who will "get the joke". Is there a Boss Baby in your life? Ms. Patty

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book a Day: Day 7

And finally this week, a book from yet another genre: Parent Books. These books have the call number PA (Dewey Number) and they are now housed along the same wall as the children's DVDs. Here you will find many books pertinent to your child-rearing life, from baby-food cookbooks, to what to expect at different ages, to helping your child deal with difficult events. You'll also find fun books like today's featured selection,"Paper, Scissors, Glue", by Catherine Woram. In this book you'll find 45 creative (and fun) paper crafting projects best for kids ages 3-10. Big, beautiful photographs by Polly Wreford accompany the craft instructions. Most parents and kids seem to enjoy the craft at storytime and this book shows you what you can do at home when you have more time. Most of the crafts are not at all complicated but yield lovely results, such as the tissue-paper bowl (a variation on papier mache). Cutting and folding skills are needed for most projects; but with a grown-up's help these projects are an excellent way to practice these skills. With all the technology whizzing around our children's these days, it's nice to see how simple things, like paper and glue, can be so engaging. Ms. Patty

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book A Day: Day 6

Another day with yet another new book genre! What we call a Board Book! This is the latest offering from the wonderful and silly Sandra Boynton in which she focuses on a storytime and all-around kid favorite - PIGGIES!
It's silly and involves chubby pink swine who "wee wee wee" all the way home - doesn't get better than that! Plus it tells you how you can download a copy of the song - for free!
This book can be enjoyed by anyone, but will soon be found with the other 'baby' board books in the bins of the RML children's section.
Ms. Eileen

Friday, January 7, 2011

Book a Day: Day 5

For today's review, a non-fiction book: Switching on the Moon: a very first book of bedtime poems collected by Jane Yolen & Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Brian Karas. This collection of 60 bedtime poems covers everything from bathtime to night lights to sleeping under the stars. While perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners, I have to say that my recently-turned-9-yr-old enjoyed hearing me read it to her sister. With poems like Under the Dark is a Star and the Naughty Soap Song, everybody will find a favorite. Poets included cover everyone from Langston Hughes to Douglas Florian, and Brian Karas's illustrations are a perfect fit. This book will be available soon at RML! Ms. Eileen

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book A Day: 4

Aggie the Brave by Lori Ries, illustrated by Frank Dormer is today's selection. This is the third book in a series of easy readers about a boy named Ben and his lovable dog Aggie. I was initially drawn to the series because I know the talented illustrator, but I have to say that these books are fresh and funny and just perfect for new readers or even to be read by mom and dad or older siblings. The humorous illustrations match perfectly with the text and always manage to make us feel how much Ben and Aggie mean to each other. In this installment, Aggie has to stay overnight at the vets (and ultimately has to wear a lamp shade on his head!), but it is Ben who must also be brave without his pup. To keep Ben occupied that night, his mom offers:
"Let's make popcorn," Mommy says.
She picks a movie from the shelf.
It is a good one - but my lap is empty."
You can find this one as well as Good Dog, Aggie on the New shelf and Aggie and Ben in the easy reader section (JE-ER Ries). Ms. Eileen

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ms. Eileen and I have shaken up the storytime due to public demand. A constant request is for a 3 year old storytime in the morning, so to accommodate that request we have once again changed days and times for storytimes. (By the way, this is causing our fearless leader, Mrs Wood, some consternation so let's hope it works out well!)

TWO YEAR OLDS (with caregiver): Monday OR Thursday at 10 a.m.

THREE YEAR OLDS ONLY: Friday at 10 a.m.

THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLDS: Thursday at 1 p.m.

FOUR AND FIVE YEAR OLDS: Wednesday at 10 a.m. OR Friday at 1 p.m.

Sign-up begins January 12 for Marlborough residents, and January 19 for non-residents. Storytimes start the week of January 24 and meet for 5 sessions. Storytimes do not meet the week of February 21.

Book a Day: 3

Today's book comes from the Connecticut Library Consortium's list of holiday books for ages 0-3. "Little Owl Lost", by Chris Haughton is everything I look for in a good picture book: it has a story children can relate to (getting accidentally separated from one's mother) simply told with humor and emotion, the illustrations are beautiful and unique, and the main characters are charming. I am mesmerized by how much emotion is conveyed in his illustrations, which are somewhat simple, yet also intricate, wood-cut and paper collage. This book will quickly become one of my storytime favorites. "Little Owl Lost" is Chris Haughton's first book and I can't wait for more. This book is on-order and will be available in the library soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book a Day: 2

Today's feature book is "The Wonderful Book", by Leonid Gore. Rabbit finds an item that seems to make a cozy house in the woods, Bear decides it makes a better hat, and a family of mice use it as a perfect picnic table. All these animals are in fact using a book, but not until a young boy finds the book and reads its story aloud do the animals really appreciate the wonderful book. The forest creatures are adorably and whimsically created with Gore's ink and watercolors. The cover illustration makes me smile so much that I'd love to have it as a poster! The story is perfect for all of us book lovers, and the little wink to the reader is that the story in the book is the story in the book! I look forward to sharing this in storytime not only for its message of book-love, but because I know the children will enjoy knowing something the characters in the book do not (similar to the Minerva Louise series.) This book ( JE Gore) can be found on the the New Book shelf in the Children's area.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Book a Day in January

Do you miss storytime? Well, Ms. Eileen and I are preparing for the next round of storytime (beginning the end of January) by previewing some of the wonderful new books just arriving in the library. We've decided to review a book a day in January here on this blog to inspire us and to inspire your own "at-home" storytimes.

First up: "There's Going To Be A New Baby", by John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury. This husband and wife team each have several notable picture books to their name, but here they collaborate to create a gorgeous, sweet, comforting new addition to the "new baby propaganda" book list. (That's how I refer to those books designed to allay the fears of older children when a new baby is expected.) This large book has illustrations that literally will make you gasp and sigh with their beauty. Super saturated colors with retro-inspired characterizations, each page could become it's own poster. Add to that the sweet, funny dialogue as an expectant mother explains to her young son that a new baby will be soon joining the family. As mother and son make their way around town, visiting the zoo, the museum, the beach, and so forth, mother explains about the new baby as the boy envisions how the baby will react in certain situations. The last page will bring tears to your eyes.

This book has just arrived at the library and will be on the new Picture Book shelf in a few days. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome 2011. Did you know that in this year there are four dates with repeating "ones"? 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11. Very cool for the number enthusiasts out there.

Aside from that bit of trivia, I wanted to share some changes at RML for you as the new year begins. First, we have a new children's computer!!! It is the awesome AWE Early Literacy Station; all touch screen and loaded with interesting, helpful, fun, high-quality children's software. Check out everything the AWE provides at this link.

In equally big news, we have a new librarian who will be joining us. Her name is Jessica and she will be at the library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Be sure to give her a big warm RML welcome. Jessica takes over for the departing Cyndi who has gone on to an excellent career opportunity as an academic archivist.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping: We've moved the parenting books to the old place of the junior biographies (along the same wall as the children's DVDs). I think this may make for easier browsing. The holiday books are now in the low shelf that fronts the play area where the parenting books once were. Board books are once again on the lowest shelves in their bins. Finally junior biographies have moved closer to adult biographies; shelved in the low shelves in the YA section of the library where summer books are usually placed. Come summer, we'll find a new place for the summer reading books.

Phew! That was a lot of moving of books, but hopefully this will improve your library browsing experience. Our library is literally bursting at the seams and it is saddening to see the number of great books and other materials we have to weed out of our collection each year to make room for the new items. Any creative space thinkers out there are welcome to help us figure out how to squeeze more materials in our limited space. Hanging books from the ceiling perhaps?

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2011.