Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book A Day: Day 27

More snow on the way? See book title. Enough said.
Okay, sorry for the delay and the wisecracks. This weather and all the problems it has brought to the Library are taking it's toll! Luckily, most of our books were not damaged by the burst water pipe so we still have ones to blog about!
Who doesn't love Maisy and writer/illustrator Lucy Cousins? This is one of her 'Maisy First Experiences Books' and Maisy and Cyril are heading for the beach! Ms. Eileen has to love any book that includes postcards, the word 'seaside', and a mouse and squirrel hanging out in cool hats in what definitely could be Miami. (And don't worry Maisy fans, she did bring Panda along for the trip!)
Here's to hoping you all find a little 'vacation' spot this week - even if only in your mind! Ms. Eileen

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  1. We hope the prize for posting a comment relates to the book. Do we win a vacation? or a mouse?

    Unrelated to this fun book. Seriously, Marlborough can't take care of fixing town property in under a month?? Shame on the town. It's drywall and paint and it's covered under insurance.