Friday, January 21, 2011

Book A Day: Day 19

I'm so DONE with this weather! So today's book has
nothing to do with winter or snow or anything remotely close! It has to do with balloons and cute porcupines! Isabel wants a balloon more than anything to hold at graduation, like the rest of her classmates. But alas, she is a porcupine, and like her teacher says, "Porcupines + balloons = trouble". Our plucky heroine is not about to give up however, so she and friend Walter come up with some clever ways (such as a 'pop-stopper' and bubble wrap) to keep their quills from popping the balloons. Adorable critters and just a cute, fun story make this a perfect choice for a day when you'd rather think of balloons than snowballs!
Ms. Eileen

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