Monday, January 3, 2011

A Book a Day in January

Do you miss storytime? Well, Ms. Eileen and I are preparing for the next round of storytime (beginning the end of January) by previewing some of the wonderful new books just arriving in the library. We've decided to review a book a day in January here on this blog to inspire us and to inspire your own "at-home" storytimes.

First up: "There's Going To Be A New Baby", by John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury. This husband and wife team each have several notable picture books to their name, but here they collaborate to create a gorgeous, sweet, comforting new addition to the "new baby propaganda" book list. (That's how I refer to those books designed to allay the fears of older children when a new baby is expected.) This large book has illustrations that literally will make you gasp and sigh with their beauty. Super saturated colors with retro-inspired characterizations, each page could become it's own poster. Add to that the sweet, funny dialogue as an expectant mother explains to her young son that a new baby will be soon joining the family. As mother and son make their way around town, visiting the zoo, the museum, the beach, and so forth, mother explains about the new baby as the boy envisions how the baby will react in certain situations. The last page will bring tears to your eyes.

This book has just arrived at the library and will be on the new Picture Book shelf in a few days. Enjoy.

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