Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book a Day: 2

Today's feature book is "The Wonderful Book", by Leonid Gore. Rabbit finds an item that seems to make a cozy house in the woods, Bear decides it makes a better hat, and a family of mice use it as a perfect picnic table. All these animals are in fact using a book, but not until a young boy finds the book and reads its story aloud do the animals really appreciate the wonderful book. The forest creatures are adorably and whimsically created with Gore's ink and watercolors. The cover illustration makes me smile so much that I'd love to have it as a poster! The story is perfect for all of us book lovers, and the little wink to the reader is that the story in the book is the story in the book! I look forward to sharing this in storytime not only for its message of book-love, but because I know the children will enjoy knowing something the characters in the book do not (similar to the Minerva Louise series.) This book ( JE Gore) can be found on the the New Book shelf in the Children's area.

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