Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book A Day: Day 24

I can't say enough about today's pick! This is one of those books
that will charm young and old, and leave you with the warm fuzzies! And if you have a child at home who is into firefighters, you MUST check out this book. It is based on the true story of a lightbulb (yes, I said lightbulb) that was installed in 1901 in Livermore, CA for the local volunteer firefighters. Believe it or not, through 100 years of changes in the way firefighters do their jobs, through a new firehouse and a century of technological advances, that same lightbulb is STILL glowing! This book is a fascinating glimpse into history and is also a wonderful tribute to the men and women who have and continue to protect us all. Perfect for storytime, lessons on community helpers, or anyone for that matter because it is just a cool story! And though it is non-fiction, you will find it with the new picture books. Thank you to the Ribera-Merritt Family for the donation of this charming book. Ms. Eileen
p.s. The lightbulb has it's own webcam! After you read the story, take a look at

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