Monday, January 17, 2011

Book A Day: Day 15

"Sneaky Sheep" by Chris Monroe, a new picture book, is today's selection. Chris Monroe is the author/illustrator of a comic-strip as well as few earlier picture books (the wonderfully named "Monkey with a Tool Belt") and her comic-strip sensibilities are shown off in this delightful book. Rocky and Blossom are sheep who live along with 147 other sheep and a dog named Murphy, but Rocky and Blossom aren't content with the sheep life; they want adventure! They've also been known to make bad choices, such as running with the bulls and playing poker with dogs. They are determined to leave their meadow for another meadow high on the mountain but are thwarted by Murphy at every turn, until one day... Mischievously fun with a happy ending, this book will have parents identifying with the put-upon Murphy as he tries to keep his high-spirited wards safe. I can't wait to share this one in storytime. Ms. Patty

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  1. We got to see Ms. Patty read this at a MOMs club storytime. Still haven't been able to take it out but it is on our list. We love the whole book review and thought it was a great idea! Family Fun is one of our favorite magazines. Maria S.