Monday, January 24, 2011

Book a Day: Day 22

Today's selection is "A Very Big Bunny" by Marisabina Russo (author of storytime favorite "The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds"). Once again, Ms. Russo creates the most lovable bunny-children with her lively colorful illustrations. The story of Amelia, who is the biggest bunny in her class, is realistic in its portrayal of school life, and poignant as Amelia struggles to fit in. On her own Amelia never feels too big but feels unhappy and out of place with her school mates. One day Susannah, a very small bunny, joins the class and things begin to change for Amelia. You'll see echos of Kevin Henkes' "Chrysanthemum" in this tale. Sharing this book is satisfying on its own, but it also easily lends itself to discussions of feeling left out and fitting in. Ms. Patty

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