Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book A Day: Day 20

Today's book is a little odd for a storytime choice, but I'm going with it!
Maybe you have one of those kids that really prefers non-fiction, or maybe your kids are like mine and have conned you into not only stories before bed, but time to read or 'look' quietly at another book before lights out. This book is great for both situations. I've talked before about our JE-NF section - easy non-fiction books for our younger children. When it is no longer 'new', that is where this book will be found, along with another title in this country series - China in Colors.
There is a text box on every other page in these books, that highlights something of each color found on each 2-pg spread. For instance, in Russia, gold represents the lights of Moscow, while purple can be found on matryoshka dolls and red teaches us about borscht!
The photos are HUGE, and the entire book is really eye-catching. They include some basic facts in the back as well as a glossary.
I currently have China at home for the 4-yr-old to peruse before bed - better yet, I'll get the 8-yr-old to read it to her! Check these out!
Ms. Eileen

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