Monday, January 17, 2011

Program for Families: Question

Ms. Eileen and I are having fun with our Book-A-Day project and we hope you're enjoying learning about some of the great new books at RML. Besides excellent materials, though, we try to offer great programming and we're always thinking about how to better serve our community. Recently Eileen and I have been mulling over the positive reception that our Family Ornament Making evening received and we're trying to think of a spring program that might have a similar quality***. While performances are always fun (and we have some terrific ones planned!), we also think our RML families enjoy a time to get together with kids and grown-ups and share an activity. We're looking for suggestions. We discussed perhaps a container planting event or some sort of craft. What ideas can you share with us? You know Ms. Eileen and I; we're willing to try anything!

***And yes, by "similar quality" I mean chaos, Ms. Eileen and Ms. Patty slightly frantic and covered in glue and melted substances, kids laughing, parents chatting, and a big mess.

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  1. I don't know if its something that can be done at the library but the polish egg decorating art where you use melted wax on eggs and then dye them is pretty neat for older kids...