Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book a Day: Day 23

"Martha Doesn't Say Sorry!" by Samantha Berger, with illustrations by Bruce Whatley is today's selection. Martha is an otter (I felt that was important to state since I wondered myself) who is good at many things including giving hugs, sharing, and doing karate. But, she has a bit of an attitude and does not say she's sorry. As you can imagine this creates a problem for her mother, father, and baby brother. This book has charmed the library staff and it will charm you too. We love the illustrations, from Martha's ladylike haircut and pink dress to her nose-in-the-air attitude. And we like how Martha comes to see the error of her ways (mostly). Berger and Whatley have another Martha book, "Martha Doesn't Share", that is equally charming and I hope we see more of Martha's adventures. Both books are on the new shelf with call number JE Berger. Ms. Patty

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  1. We've taken this book out several times. Natalia really enjoys it. It helps remind her to say she's sorry. Natalia V.