Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book a Day: Day 25

Today's Book-a-Day review is not a book but a magazine, my favorite child-related magazine "Family Fun". On days like today when we are snowbound pull out an issue of Family Fun and suddenly you have lots of things to do; healthy snacks to make, games to play, crafts to try. I guarantee you that you will discover at least one thing in each issue that will become a family standby. If you've looked at Family Fun, you know that each issue has several crafts, recipes, fun outdoor and indoor games, as well as reviews and articles. One gets the sense that every single idea has been kid-tested and approved. The parenting and child-related magazines are housed in a rack between the DVDs and the children's non-fiction. You can check out magazines (including the most current issue) for one week. Many parents look through the magazines at the library while children are playing or in storytime but feel free to take them home. I highly recommend Family Fun! Ms. Patty

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