Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book A Day: Day 18

I saw several moms and children this morning for our Mom's Club story time and was interested to hear that some hadn't heard about our "Book A Day in January" blog event. Hopefully, they've discovered it now and have had a chance to read about some of the great new materials here at RML.

Today's selection is a non-fiction book (J 790.1 Stevens) currently on the New Shelf: "Things to Do With Dad", by Chris Steven (with editing, design, and illustration help from others). This little book is packed with all sorts of fun, mostly free, activities for kids and grown-ups to share. I was delighted to see some of the things my husband and I did with our kids such a making a button yo-yo (p. 97) and building a snow fort (p. 11). (By the way, this is the perfect time to do that!) But I was more delighted to see suggestions for things I'd never thought of such as creating a crazy golf course (p. 6) and making a cloud in a bottle (p. 22). These kinds of activities can make an ordinary day extraordinary and are the kinds of things we remember from our childhoods. Have fun. Ms. Patty


  1. I found the blog, and thank you for the stories today. We will definitely be adding Sneaky Sheep and Little Owl Lost to our home library!

  2. Maybe this will help my dad think of new ideas!

    We're glad the library has KID books and a nice complement of books about kids for their parents.

    Kate R