Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book a Day: Day 7

And finally this week, a book from yet another genre: Parent Books. These books have the call number PA (Dewey Number) and they are now housed along the same wall as the children's DVDs. Here you will find many books pertinent to your child-rearing life, from baby-food cookbooks, to what to expect at different ages, to helping your child deal with difficult events. You'll also find fun books like today's featured selection,"Paper, Scissors, Glue", by Catherine Woram. In this book you'll find 45 creative (and fun) paper crafting projects best for kids ages 3-10. Big, beautiful photographs by Polly Wreford accompany the craft instructions. Most parents and kids seem to enjoy the craft at storytime and this book shows you what you can do at home when you have more time. Most of the crafts are not at all complicated but yield lovely results, such as the tissue-paper bowl (a variation on papier mache). Cutting and folding skills are needed for most projects; but with a grown-up's help these projects are an excellent way to practice these skills. With all the technology whizzing around our children's these days, it's nice to see how simple things, like paper and glue, can be so engaging. Ms. Patty

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