Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book A Day: Day 14

Today's selection is a real show-stopper! Teruyuki Komiya, acclaimed wildlife photographer, visited Japan's top zoos, photographed the animals and put together "Life-Size Zoo". The book is literally filled with life-size photos of zoo animals ranging from the close-up face of an 10,400 pound Asian Elephant, to the full body of a Four-Toed Hedgehog. Accompanying each remarkable photo are facts about each animal, as well as (when known) information on the animal model him or herself. The text is not an afterthought but instead is rather funny and quite interesting. This book has been awarded the Parent's Choice Gold Award and is truly special. Komiya has followed it up with "Life-Size Aquarium" (also in our library) and his newest, "More Life-Size Zoo" (coming soon). I would recommend that you save this book for school-age children (or brave preschoolers) as the very large pictures of very real animals may frighten younger and more sensitive children. (I think the camel's close-up may give me nightmares!) The book is on the new shelf with call number JE 590 Komiya. Ms. Patty

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