Thursday, December 6, 2018

Storytime: Food

I'm currently doing a 2s Storytime at one library, and a 3-5 Storytime at another. So in order to maintain some sanity, I'm trying to pick one theme for both each week and adapt it for the different ages. Some of my 2s are REALLY little and some of my 5s are already in school.

2s don't really get the concept of Thanksgiving so it's always easy to do FOOD as the theme and throw in Thanksgiving rhymes and books here and there.


Red Pepper Yellow Squash by Scholastic Rookie Toddler
Thanksgiving Cats by Jean Marzollo
Guess What? - Fruit by Yusuke Yonezu
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley

Also for 3s/4s:
10 Turkeys in the Road by Brenda Reeves Sturgis
Sometimes It's Turkey, Sometimes It's Feathers by Lorna Balian
Over the River and Through the Woods (various authors)
Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham

'Apples and Bananas'
'Five Plump Peas'

'The Soup Is Boiling Up'

The Soup Is Boiling Up

The soup is boiling up, the soup is boiling up.

Stir it slow, around we go,

The soup is boiling up.

2s Activity:
I used two sets of games that I found in the desk files - 'The Soup Is Boiling Up' involved the kids adding the ingredients to a pot of soup and then taking turns stirring it. The second was called 'Going on a Picnic' and had the kids adding various foods to a picnic blanket.


I am proud to report that letting the 2s play with slime actually went well! I found a great recipe for super-fluffy slime that was sticky but didn't stick to everything. A few were apprehensive at first but they could also use a popsicle stick to touch it if they didn't want to use their fingers. We added some shaped cookie cutters and rollers to the fun!