Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Potty Books

One of the most common requests we get is for picture books that address potty training. While there are the classics, like "Everybody Poops"by Taro Gomi and "Once Upon a Potty" by Alona Frankel, there are several new toilet-themed books that are fun, funny, and actually good books for anytime reading.

"Danny is Done with Diapers" by Rebecca O'Connell and illustrated by Amanda Gulliver, uses the alphabet to show 26 youngsters and their potty training adventures including having accidents and successes. Sweet,appealing and reassuring.

"Potty Animals" by Hope Vestergaard and illustrated by Valeria Petrone, uses charming preschool animal "beasties" to humorously demonstrate toilet manners and hygiene.
The illustrations alone will make you laugh.

"Dinosaur vs. the Potty", by Bob Shea is the silliest of the bunch. If you know Bob Shea ("Dinosaur vs. Bedtime", "Oh Daddy") you know what to expect: bright, bold illustrations with brief expressive text perfect for over-acting to when reading aloud.

Enjoy these books anytime, and be sure to ask if you need any potty-training resources. We have a few DVDs as well as parent books that may be of assistance.

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