Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a contest here at the bloggity blog!

Ms. Eileen has done a wonderful job with content on this blog in recent months, so browse though and comment for a chance to win exceptional swag.  This blog is an excellent place to keep up with all of our antics at RML, as well as stay informed about kids literature.  While Ms. Eileen is away in Vermont today for the kick-off of our blog contest, I thought I'd share with you some thoughts in our summer reading program so far.

Every year, Ms. Eileen and I remind ourselves to "not go crazy like last year", but every year we plan activities and events that stretch our time and budget.  But we can't help it; you guys make it too much fun!  And Mrs. Wood, our director, is always so supportive. So far this year we have had great fun with our traveling gnomes and, I see from the photos you've sent, that many Marlborough families have too.  We've also enjoyed excellent events such as our thunder storm kick-off, rainy terrarium making, wiggly worms,  hot-hot-hot touch a truck event, and Dino discovery.  We finish off with a rock workshop and panning for "gold".

(Don't even get us started on our Teens Take Over the Library  night, Katniss EverGnome hunt, and other teen events!)

And thanks to all of your serious reading we have hit the mark on our Mole Meter; we've reached 1924 books!  (Actually, we've blown it out of the water, exceeding 2000 books already.) We will all celebrate that achievement soon with a special event.

This week, check out the new craft in the storytime room, plus a new flannel board game, and the arrival (finally!) of our ant farm.

What have you enjoyed so far this summer? What about next summer...any suggestions?
Ms. Patty


  1. Our kids are lucky to have both of you - summer reading is always full of fun