Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blog Contest Winners & Summer Pics!

Thanks to those who commented on here (and I even gave you credit for commenting on the facebook page) and won some great prize books! The winners were:
Elaine Castro & Skylar
Pam Montstream
Deb Dalton
Traci D'Amico

Things are winding down with summer reading here at RML - time to cram in those last vacations before the start of school! If you need some books to keep the kiddos busy in the car, check out our display:

This Friday we will have a drawing for all the children who completed 6 weeks of reading with the 'Dig Into Reading' program. They are automatically entered in the drawings if they have reached 480 hours in the Evanced system.

Here are some pictures from our 'Rock' programs last week. We had The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center from Mystic come by for a great program on rocks and minerals - especially those in Connecticut. Ms Patty had the kids 'pan for gold' afterwards - believe me when I tell you she worked really hard on making that 'gold' look real! 

 Exploring things like amber, fool's gold, mica, granite, and even dinosaur poop!

Here's the prospectors looking for gems and gold:

And here's Ms Patty's relative, William Kulju, who actually made a claim at the Klondike Gold Rush! She shared some history with us (which explained her obsession with making these 'gold' nuggets above!) Notice the gold pocket watch chain:

And finally, a picture just for fun - our Director Nancy Wood's new puppy addition to her family:

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