Monday, February 3, 2014

Saying So Long to January!

I don't care what that groundhog says - SPRING could be in sight!  I don't hate winter - but I am a fan of more moderate temperatures.
So I'm cleaning out my iPhone pictures of all that Januaryishness.
 Here's a failed attempt at photographing our new employee, Mike. He wasn't cooperating.

These were from our Next Chapter Reading Club that met this month to talk about Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed.  We played around with some ice from outdoors, added salt and food coloring and let the kids go all science-y and stuff!

The salt and purple/green food coloring on this one made the coolest metallic looking color.  I just had a thought - Ms. Patty - we should have added glitter!!

Here's their own version of a rhyming poem the kids made based on the poem, "What I Love About Winter" from the book Winter Eyes by Douglas Florian:

'no school' days
fire blaze
ski time
banks to climb
make some snowmen round and fat
give them all a winter hat
catching snowflakes on your tongue
holiday carols to be sung
slide down a slippery slope
then in a hot tub with lots of soap!
soup that's hot
chili in the pot
angels in the snow
having nowhere to go!
find a little nook
and read a good book.
fuzzy socks,

And finally, a cutie pie moment from one of our smallish patrons that I just had to capture.
One great thing about January - snuggling at home with a good movie!

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