Thursday, October 18, 2018

Storytime: Opposites

I'm currently doing a 2s Storytime at one library, and a 3-5 Storytime at another. So in order to maintain some sanity, I'm trying to pick one theme for both each week and adapt it for the different ages. Some of my 2s are REALLY little and some of my 5s are already in school.

Opposites is a favorite theme for 2s because there are so many options. In and out of things, day/night, open ans shut, up and down.


 Stanley's Opposites by William Bee
Outdoor Opposites by Brenda Williams, et al.
Stop, Go, Yes, No! by Mike Twohy
A Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis
Up! Tall! and High! by Ethan Long 
Octopus Opposites by Stella Blackstone


'Great A, Little a, Bouncing B'
Itsy Bitsy Spider
This is Big
'Roly Poly'

Roly poly, roly poly, Up, up, up! Up, up, up!
Roly, roly poly, Roly, roly poly, Down, down, down. Down, down, down.
(Repeat with in/out, fast/slow)

You can find many games on Pinterest that work for this - just print, cut and laminate and then match during storytime. Search Pinterest for "opposites puzzle".

2s Activity:
In and Out of the Barn
I found this fun activity left by a previous librarian, but I don't know where she found it so I will describe as best I can. Print out a bunch of farm animals - we also have a tractor (one for each storytime kid). Use tape or whatever you have to mark off an area in the storytime room - that will be 'the barn'. Tape works best because the first time I tried it I used a hula hoop and they kept wanting to pick it up, duh!) In storytime, pass out one animal (laminate!) to each child. Then sing "The Farmer in the Dell" but with the words changed to:
"The pig is in the barn, the pig is in the barn, hi-ho the derry-o the pig is in the barn" and use that for each animal. Have the child with that animal stand in the 'barn' area during their part of the song. Now, not all 2s will actually do that, so we had fun also singing "the pig is out of the barn..." "the dog has returned to the barn", etc.

3-5s Craft:
I didn't end up doing this theme with the 3-5s because the way the calendar fell, but I think any craft with a paper door for "open/close" would work well. I automatically thought of one I've done before with a dog on a ice cream stick that you push up through a slot in a bathtub, "in/out". Alternatively, a chick hatching from an egg would work too!

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