Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Just Stories

For me, music is a critical component of storytime. In addition to playing the ukulele, I like to start and end each storytime "class" by playing a CD compilation of relevant music. Note to patrons: I burn these CDs myself from my Itunes account and therefore cannot "lend" them officially through the library. However, I can personally loan you any of the CDs I have burned. Just ask.

In addition to the many terrific child-specific CDs, I like to sample from other genres to share at storytime. Some favorites include ragtime (a natural musical rhythm for children learning to walk since proper ragtime is technically a walking cadence), classic 50s and 60s tunes, and folk music.

Just this morning, my daughter and I were listening to another favorite, Bob Marley. His song "Three Little Birds" in its original form and the cover by Elizabeth Mitchell are both cheerful and delightful. Recently, a cover of the tune by child singer Connie Talbot became very popular in the U.K.

This link (click below) is to the Bob Marley track as well as the Connie Talbot video at At the webpage click on the play arrow in the right corner of the screen to play the Bob Marley version.

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