Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Books about Cats

We have two cats who are in complete control of our household, a male cat named Meo and a female cat named Silvia. We got them both from a shelter almost 7 years ago and they are about as different as can be. Meo is outgoing, playful, proud, a huge "manly" cat who is afraid of things like trucks and joggers. Silvia appears timid and shy but is a fierce hunter who has a fondness for all things luxurious, like cashmere. Anyway, recently Meo suffered a terrible accident and both cats need a little TLC. So, cats are on my mind...but also on our New Books shelf. Here's a run-down of some new books featuring our feline friends.

"Mattoo, Let's Play!" written and lushly illustrated by Irene Luxbacher. Ruby wants her cat, Mattoo to join her in her adventures, like taking a pretend rocket ship to the moon. Mattoo hides from her so she thinks he is shy. But when Ruby pretends to be on a jungle safari she finds that Mattoo is in his element. JE Luxbacher

"Cat the Cat" series by Mo Willems. Our friend Mo has a new character to share, spunky Cat the Cat, whose tales are perfect for the very beginner readers. Books include, "Say Hello to Friends Who Fly", and "Cat the Cat, Who is That". JE-ER Willems

"Kittens (A Snapshot Picture Library)" by Karen Penzes. A non-fiction book featuring simple, clear text and gorgeous photographs of guessed it...kittens! JE 636.8

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