Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did You Miss These?

We have so many wonderful pictures books coming into the library lately that I think it's possible you may have missed some.

"Disappearing Desmond", by Anna Alter is charming. Desmond and his entire family like to disappear into the background. They blend in and fade into Anna Alter's beautifully patterned illustrations. Desmond takes shyness to a new level until Gloria, the new kid (rabbit) in school takes notice of Desmond and brings him out of his shell. I have a fondness for books about moving from timidity to confidence, and about friendship, making "Disappearing Desmond" one of my new favorites. Best for 4 and up.

"Chicken Big", by Keith Graves is one of those books that will make both parents and children laugh. The illustrations, side-comments, and great expressive language in this twist on the Chicken Little story make this a book to read over and over. Fans of Mo Willems will appreciate its quirkiness and I think everyone will appreciate it's subtle message of acceptance. Best for 3 and up.


  1. We loved Disappearing Desmond and one of our recent faves in the new picture book section is "I Dream of an Elephant" - lots of fun using the clues to find the rhyming color.

  2. I enjoy that book's a clever take on a "color" book. :)