Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yay, Summer!

I was in the library briefly this morning as families worked on their Russian nesting dolls, known as "matryoshka" dolls, and everyone seemed to be producing beautiful work! It got me thinking about the fun and unique programs we've had so far this summer, from our kick-off Frisbee show, to the safari-in-the-library, yoga, our butterfly program, all the drop-in storytimes, and drop-in crafts. And everyone seems to be enjoying their passports! There's still more to come, but I hope all the families that are enjoying the library this summer will remember to keep coming to see us in the Fall. We understand that working families might find it hard to come in for regular storytimes, especially ones that occur during the day; so let us know what we can do to accommodate you. At some point we'll circulate a survey to get your input, but until then if you see Nancy or Eileen or me (Ms. Patty) let us know. We enjoy seeing you all so much in the summer, we don't want to have to say goodbye in September.

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