Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Well, today is Sunday, November 6 and, at my home in Glastonbury, we just got power last night. What about you? Seems like Marlborough did better with this storm than with Irene. Hopefully all of us will back to civilized living soon; We can turn on lights, drink clean water, wash with hot water...ah, luxury. It certainly makes me think of those around the world who live without these basic things every day.

As if the storm didn't wreak enough havoc, Richmond Memorial Library, is still suffering the ill-effects of water damage. Yes, again! Remember last winter?! So, we're replacing sheetrock and drying out shelving and walls. My fingers are crossed that we open as scheduled tomorrow, Monday November 7.

What about storytimes? Well, of course we will extend the storytime sessions to give everyone 5 classes. Normally, on Sundays, I post about the storytime theme for the week (for my 2s and 3s), however today I'm not sure what exactly is happening, so IF the library is open tomorrow there WILL be storytime with a relaxed theme. If the library is open don't forget the DROP-IN STORYTIME AT 1:00.

I hope to see all you soon! I miss storytime!
Ms. Patty

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