Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Storytime 1: Let's Start with a Smile!

Spring Storytime begin (for many of you without interruption because of make-up classes) this week.  Our stories will focus on Smiles and Teeth.  A combination of books will likely make an appearance including:

Bear's Loose Tooth, by Karma Wilson
The Tooth Book, by Theo Lesieg (Dr. Seuss)
Brush, Brush, Brush, by Alicia Padron
Grandpa's Teeth, by Rod Clement
Teeth Are Not For Biting, by Elizabeth Verdick
Snip, Snap, What's That, by Mara Bergman
Birdy's Smile Book, by Laurie Keller
Augustus and His Smile, Catherine Raynor

Songs for crafting and listening fun include:
Brush Your Teeth, Raffi
Whenever I See Your Smiling Face, James Taylor

Action Rhyme:
Got my toothpaste, got my brush
I won't hurry, I wont' rush
Making sure my teeth are clean
Front and back and in between
When I brush for quite a while
I will have a healthy smile!

As for crafts...well, Ms. Eileen may be doing a shark craft, and Ms. Patty may be painting with toothbrushes...we'll see :)

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