Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Waiting for Spring

Now that it's officially Spring, we're waiting for the weather to catch up here in Connecticut. I'm hoping this weekend will feel more like it, but if not, check out these titles and we can at least wish for butterflies and blooms.

This was a 2012 Best Book on sooo many lists, thanks in part to the beautiful illustrations by Caldecott winner Erin Stead. Unfortunately, the browns sure do remind me of the colors outside my window.

 This one is for the littlest listeners - it's just so darn cute.

 Doug Florian's poems and paintings are a favorite of mine. And it's almost National Poetry Month, so you'll be killing two birds with one book. Wait, that didn't sound very spring-like of me.

Unfortunately, you will not find this one at RML. It's out of print. I could probably get a used one on Amazon, but I'd hate to buy it only because it was one my favorite books as a kid. I've read it to my kids, and honestly, it is a bit too long for a picture book.  But what I always loved was how Owl's friends do all these really Springy things to get Owl out of his winter funk. They paint his kitchen yellow and even sprinkle green confetti all over his lawn.  In the end, it's a small blue crocus Owl sees outside his window that cheers him up.

Here's hoping....

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