Monday, July 7, 2014

It's Library Science!

We always like to have something set up in the Storytime room for the kids to do in the Summer. We've had the ocean floor, a camping tent, and last year, a cave!

So when 2 things collided this year - the 'Science' theme for Summer Reading and getting the new Sierra/Encore computer system and doing away with 'stamping', Ms Patty and I knew what we had to do!

Many of our young patrons enjoy stamping and would often ask if they could stamp their library books. You may even have someone in your house who enjoys 'playing library'! So we decided to set up a "Little Library" in the Storytime room! Complete with date due slips, books they can sticker and process and 'check-out', we tried to supply them with whatever they would need to have their own Library. 

What they may not know, is that when you are officially a Librarian, the degree you complete is called a Master's Degree in LIBRARY SCIENCE, or Library Science and Information Technology!

Here are a few pictures with my girls testing it out:

Here's a flashback to a post from last year.  My friend Ryan shared his video with me of his home 'Library"!

And here are 2 pics from July 2009 with my nephew, Daniel. His mom would have to drive him from Milford to Marlborough each summer when they visited, just so he could play Library with me! 

So let the kids stop in this Summer and 'play' Library! But be aware, it may inspire some "little libraries" in your own house!


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