Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That's What It's All About...

As librarians and library staff, we can only hope that all our efforts put into Summer Reading time make a difference, keep kids reading, inspire, or even just entertain for a bit.
This year, SCIENCE is the name of the game, and it has been so much fun to create a summer reading program that involves different aspects of this topic. So I was totally surprised and delighted when a family stopped in the other day and told us that their daughter had literally taken the theme and ran with it!
We were giving out chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in test tubes as part of the first prize week. Most kids had gobbled them down before they even left the Library. But our friend Leah, had other ideas. She took one of the seeds home and yes, planted it.

Because if there's one thing you learn with science, it's that experimentation often leads to accidental discoveries. Ok, so maybe it won't grow with chocolate-covered seeds inside, but you never know.

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