Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goodbye Ann!

Do you know that none of us here at the Richmond Memorial Library have been sleeping well the last few days? (Don't we all seem a little groggy?) I think it's because we are all feeling sad about the impending retirement of Ann Grybko, long-time Assistant Director. Ann has such a reassuring presence and quietly managed so many things here at the library that losing her leaves a big void. Although we are thrilled for her as she heads off on many new adventures, we need to acknowledge our sadness.

As hard as loss is for adults, it can be especially so for children. As always, books are there to help. A sweet, older book at our library "Ira Says Goodbye" by Bernard Waber addresses the issue of having a best friend who moves away. You may know Ira from "Ira Sleeps Over" and here our pal struggles with his feelings. The illustrations are Waber's usual, rather simple, but the story is wise and funny and reassuring.

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