Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Note from Ms. Eileen!

"Hi Patty!
Just thought I would pop in to say first,what a great job you are doing with this blog, and also to let my storytime 4s & 5s know that I look forward to seeing them this Friday! We will be doing stories and other fun stuff related to "All About You" or Me, or actually, THEM!!!

Lastly, I wanted to pass on this fun event for families - unfortunately I cannot go, but if I could, I would! There is going to be a PIGEON PARTY! on Oct, 25 at the Henry Carter Hull Library in Clinton, CT. BIG WOODEN HORSE Theatre Company is putting on a musical based on author Mo Willems books (LOVE HIM!)

And wait, there's more! Tickets are FREEEEEE!!!
For further information contact the Childrens Room at Clinton's Library at 860-669-2342.
Ms. Eileen"

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