Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drop and Shop!

Wow! Our first "Drop and Shop" event was a success. It was a busy afternoon at the library and I hope all our participants had fun.

Thank you to all the wonderful children for persevering and waiting their turns during the crafts, snacks, and games. And just for being so much fun. I hope you all slept really well that night!

Thanks to the patrons who dropped by the library on Friday and greeted the noisiest library in the state with good cheer.

Thank you to Sandy for covering the desk and running the library while happy, excited children swirled around her.

Thanks to Patrick for jumping into the fray, playing card games and chatting with some of the older boys, and cheerfully helping out in every way Ms. Eileen and I asked.

Thanks to Anna (my own wonderful, creative, extremely patient daughter) for all her help, especially teaching origami to so many children. Many children loved this activity and the library has several new origami books for children so please check them out and enjoy this calm, creative activity with your children.

Thanks to Nancy Mc., our own library page, for her loving, soothing, happy presence as she read to children, guided them through crafts, and tended to their every need. She is a true treasure of the library and everyone should give her a big thank you hug next time you see her.

And thank you to all the parents for your generous donations to the Food Bank and for entrusting your precious children with us for the afternoon.

We had a great time and may do this again. Unfortunately, a few of our teen helpers were no-shows, so next time we will definitely be sure to have more adults so that each child can have more of the individual attention she deserves.
Ms. Eileen and Ms. Patty

As a reminder, we have a "calm" drop-in storytime on Monday morning (Dec 21) at 10:00 for children ages 2-4. See you there.

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