Monday, December 21, 2009

Just Breathe

I'm sure we're all running around with last minute errands but I hope you can take some time to breathe before Christmas is truly upon us. This morning a small group at storytime shared in some simple yoga moves and I believe they enjoyed it. Breathing like a lion (silent HAAA!) and blowing like the north wind (take a deep breathe and blow out) can provide your child with a soul-cleansing breath. Praciticing swinging low like a monkey into a downward-facing dog who wags his tail are also fun ways to encourage healthy yoga poses. Our library has few resources to help you introduce your child to the fun and healing practice of yoga including a DVD called "Yoga Kids", a toddler book "Little Yoga" found in the non-fiction section (JE 613.7 Whit), and a book for slightly older children called "My Daddy is a Pretzel", (J 613.704 Baptiste). Check them out and enjoy.

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  1. I am going into "child" and hibernating for a while when Christmas is over! Have a relaxing holiday Ms. Patty!