Sunday, February 7, 2010

Storytime Week Two: Hugs

This Week's Books:
Hug, by Jez Alborough
Big Bear Hug, by Nicholas Oldland

Daddy Hug, by Tim Warnes, ill. by Jane Chapman

The Giant Hug, by Sandra Horning, ill. by Valeri Gorbachev

A Hug for You, by Margaret Anastas, ill. by Susan Winter
How About a Hug? by Nancy Carlson

Kitty's Cuddles, by Jane Cabrera

Monster Hug, by David Ezra Stein

This Week's Music:
Hug, by the Mudcakes
No One Loves You Any Better, by John Lithgow
Bushel and a Peck, by Dan Zanes

This Week's Action Rhymes:
1 Fly up, up, up in the sky like this
Fly down, down, down for a great big kiss
Crawl up the flower like a ladybug

Crawl, down, down, down, for a great big hug

2 Pat your head and rub your tummy
Touch your toes and hug your mommy
Pat your head and wave to Ms. Patty
Touch your toes and hug your daddy
Pat your head and reach up above
Touch your toes and hug someone you love!

Today's Art: A Hug! (made from foam sheets and yarn)

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