Sunday, March 7, 2010

The First Singing Robin

This morning I saw and, importantly, heard a robin. (For those who wonder what a robin sounds like, HERE is a link.) This means spring has arrived or, at the very least, is just about to knock on the door.

I did some research because I know that robins are sometimes seen in the winter, so how exactly are they a sign of spring. What I found out is that robins do "wander" in the winter in search of food and may be seen here and there in the frozen north during the winter months. However, a robin will only sing when he/she is in home territory. In other words, a wandering robin in search of food won't sing, only the robin that has decided to stick around will give us his/her song. The first robin of spring is celebrated in Anne Rockwell's aptly named "My Spring Robin." It's an older book, but I love it's sweet, simple story and illustrations and share it at least once a year during storytime.

Not so coincidentally, Ms. Eileen's storytime theme last Friday was 'Wake-Up, It's Spring!" The adorable bears that the children made 5 weeks ago (and that were hibernating at their homes) are now dancing along the bulletin board in the childrens' section of the library to celebrate. Come see them, they are adorable.

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