Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peter McCarty

A new book in the library has captured my heart! "Henry in Love", by Peter McCarty is illustrated with such adorable characters that you'll want stuffed animal versions of each one. When Henry meets Chloe suddenly a field of flowers blooms around her. It's the perfect visual analogy of love at first sight. Henry then woos Chloe in a child-appropriate way. It's delightful.

Ms. Eileen and I are both big fans of Peter McCarty and his other books. "Hondo and Fabian" makes regular appearances at storytime with it's light, lovely illustrations and simple story of a cat and dog who are friends, share some things and have some separate interests, but come together at the end of the day. In "Moonplane", a boy takes a flight of imagination illustrated with McCarty's classic, elegant, gorgeous drawings. "Jeremy Draws a Monster", more colorful and plot-driven, is funny and sweet. In fact, I highly recommend all of Peter McCarty's books. We have several at the library so check them out.

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