Sunday, March 28, 2010

Storytime Week Three: Eggs

This Week's Books:
Good Egg, by Barney Saltzberg
Mrs. Hen's Big Surprise, by Christel Desmoinaux

The Big Egg, by Molly Coxe Flap Your Wings, by P.D. Eastman
An Egg is Quiet, by Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long
The Egg, by Gallimard Jeunesse, ill, by Rene Mettler
Eggday, by Joyce Dunbar, ill. by Jane Cabrera
Webster J. Duck, by Martin Waddell, ill, by David Parkins

This Week's Music:
Cooking Breakfast for the Ones I Love, by Maria Muldaur
Eggs, by Tessarose

Have You Seen My Egg? by Tom Knight

This Week's Action Rhymes:
I'm a little chickie, ready to hatch
Pecking at my egg, scratch, scratch, scratch
When I crack it open, out I peep

Fluff up my feathers
Cheep, cheep, cheep!

Five eggs and five eggs that makes ten

Sitting on top is Mother Hen
Cackle, cackle cackle! Now what do I see?
Ten little chickens as cute as can be!

This Week's Art: Foil-dyed eggs

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