Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fridays with Ms. Eileen: Underwater Colors

OMG! (as my daughter would say.) Ms. Eileen and her 4, 5 and 6 year-olds made some very beautiful underwater scenes on Friday using liquid watercolor, diffusion paper and pipe cleaners. Ms. Eileen created this gorgeous craft in which the children applied liquid watercolor to coffee filters cut into the shape of fish and underwater plants. Then they pressed those papers onto diffusion paper to create colorful, watery scenes. Finally, they attached dark and light green pipe cleaners to simulate seaweed. The results were stunning. Her stories were about fish and colors and the sea including "Swimmy", a classic by Leo Lionni.

We hope to see a refinement of this craft for all to enjoy sometime as part of our summer reading program because it fits in beautifully with our theme. What's the theme? Make a Splash! Catch a Wave! Water Your Mind! We're in the planning phases now but it's going to be fun, starting with a kick-off luau, complete with hula dancers, on June 22nd.

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