Sunday, April 4, 2010

Storytime Week 4: Rain

I think it's supposed to be gorgeously sunny this let's talk about rain!

This Week's Books:
Who is Tapping at My Window?, by A.G. Deming, ill. by Monica Wellington
In the Rain with Baby Duck, by Amy Hest, ill. by Jill Barton
Rain, by Manya Stojic
Are You Ready To Play Outside? by Mo Willems
Welcome Spring, by Nancy Davis
My Rainy Day, by Dee Ann Grand, ill. by Melanie Mitchell

Rainy Day! by Patricia Lakin, ill. by Scott Nash
Move Over, Rover! by Karen Beaumont, ill. by Jane Dyer

This Week's Music:
Robin in the Rain, by Raffi
Rain, Rain, Go Away, by the Wiggleworms
Singing in the Rain, by Maria Muldaur

Beautiful Rain, by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Today's Action Rhymes:
It is raining, it is raining
On my head, on my head

Pitter patter rain drops
Pitter patter rain drops
I'm all wet, I'm all wet

Pitter pitter pat, the rain goes on for hours

And though it keeps me in my house, it's very good for flowers!

Today's Art/Craft: A foam sheet umbrella

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