Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 New Non-Fiction by Tina Davis

The library just received three new children's non-fiction books by Tina Davis, and they are definitely worth checking out! Tina Davis is a graphic designer and all three of her books, informative and helpful, are also beautiful and full of vintage illustrations. (We were all admiring them when they arrived at the library.)

Ms. Davis began with "Look and Cook", a child's cookbook, based on her years of collecting classic recipes. You'll find lots of old-fashioned comfort foods here along with clear, child-friendly instructions. In "See and Sew", you and your child are introduced to sewing without the need for a sewing machine. It features step-by-step instructions, kid-friendly projects and charming illustrations. Finally, in her most recent book, "Sow and Grow", children are introduced to gardening with a year-round calendar of activities, including planting tiny spring gardens in eggshells, and pressing late-summer's last blooms. Again, it's also beautiful to look through.

I hope to see these books OFF the shelves and into your children's hands to be enjoyed.

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