Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Fond Farewell To Lee

Do you know Lee Phillips? She's the one who gets everybody their materials from other libraries. If you're in a book club here in town, Lee's the one who helps you get your book without having to leave Marlborough. Lee is also the person who issues our checks (Nancy signs them of course). Lee has been with Richmond Memorial Library for many years (25? more?) and it's time for her to sail off into retirement.

I am unbelievably sad about Lee leaving. I know she will stop by often for a good mystery and to bring us some baked goods and the update on her incredible grandchildren, but I will miss seeing her at work. I will REALLY miss her competency and efficiency here at the library. I'm sure many of you will miss her too. Wednesday is her last day, so if you're in the library be sure to wish her well on her newest adventures. First up, a trip to the nation's capital with her good friend and another ex-RML librarian, Ann Grybko.

Happy Retirement Lee!

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