Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ms Patty created this blog a few years ago to keep parents informed about storytime here at RML and to share what we were doing for topics, crafts, etc. I made a few appearances, we neglected it, we downright ignored it when it wasn't storytime-time even! 
So, in short, we decided to revamp the children's part of the website, and use this blog instead to relay all sorts of cool stuff that relates to anything and everything to do! Soon, you will be able to head to the RML website at and just click on the link to take you here for all the info, ideas, commentary, etc. Or you can just come here or get the feed.
So let's start with something fun, on this weekend before the start of our Winter/Spring Storytime Session I!
I have always loved Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.

 It's simple, and the kids LOVE it. So, in honor of Snowballs, send me a pic of your kiddos creating their snowperson or the finished product. Here are my girls and their latest creation:

You can send your pic to me at

Here are some pics from Ms Patty of her kids when they were younger and their creations:
The one above was taken 19 years ago of her son Max and his first snow friend! Below is Max and sister Anna, hard at work.

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