Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary Amelia Bedelia!

Mr. Schu is a great K-5 librarian/teacher who recently posted this video on his blog. I just had to share it, considering we have many Amelia Bedelia fans here at RML (anyone remember Ms Patty, Halloween 2011?)

So check out the video, with family video footage of the great Peggy Parish and commentary by her son, Herman, who now writes the books, and her past editor. Then meet me back here:

My favorite part is the timeline at the end where you get to see all the 
versions of Amelia!
If you've read the old favorites,  come check out our selection of 'newer' Amelia's - they're great too! Coming soon to RML are the newest Amelia Bedelia chapter books, so be on the lookout in a few weeks.

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