Saturday, May 25, 2013

What If Your Librarian Was Mrs. 'Spud' Murphy?

Eoin Colfer may be best known for his Artemis Fowl series, but back in 2005 he wrote the funny chapter book, The Legend of Spud Murphy. This was our Next Chapter Reading Club pick for May. (And I think Ms Patty and Ms Eileen look NOTHING like Spud Murphy! Although it might be fun to wield a gas-powered spud (potato) gun like her.)
When brothers Will and Marty get shipped off the the Library during the summer, they encounter a not-so-fun place with a kinda-scary librarian, Mrs. 'Spud' Murphy.  Forced to stay on the carpet and read from the small selection of children's books, the boys get in a bit of trouble before discovering that getting caught venturing off the carpet may not be the worst thing after all. 
(There's a follow-up book too, 'Legend of the Worst Boy in the World') Both are great for reluctant readers and especially boys!)
Here's our Next Chapter kids with the Netbooks listening to Eoin Colfer read the first chapter.  Then they got to try their hand at alphabetizing and shelving books in an online game. Maybe we'll grow the next Spud Murphy?

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