Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pics From the Pigeon Party!

I'm finally getting around to uploading the pictures from our great "Don't Let the Pigeon Eat His Birthday Cake" party we had last week in honor of the 10th anniversary of Mo Willem's beloved pigeon character.

Besides reading PLENTY of Mo's great books, we made pigeon and duck finger puppets and played our own version of "toss hot dogs at the pigeon"!
Then we got a little silly and made our snack, which we affectionately called "Pigeon Poop". Yes, it was a big hit. And actually tasted really good! (see the kid on the end left? He was hoping nobody noticed how many chocolate chips he consumed)

 I cannot tell you the number of school-age kids that were rather perturbed that we had this event during school hours. Maybe we can celebrate again, but that could be a mob scene! They sure do love them some pigeon around here!

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