Sunday, September 8, 2013

Continuing Gnome Adventures...

Ms Patty and I are so glad that everyone had such fun with our Traveling Gnomes this Summer! The Summer Reading decorations may have come down, but 2 of our Gnomes are not quite ready to settle down yet.

Through the wonders of Facebook, we have hooked up with the Olton Library in Solihull, England - they were willing to have one of our Gnomes come visit! They thought George the Curious Gnome would be a perfect fit, so he was shipped off last week and recently arrived in good health! (We sent him with another traveling companion because we just didn't think the postal services could handle him without an adult chaperone!) Here he is:

So stay tuned for updates on the great places that George gets to visit in the U.K.!  They are a very creative and clever bunch at the Olton Library (I hope George comes home with one of their lovely crochet creations, hint hint.)
Here are some of the characters he may encounter over the 'pond':


  1. I can't wait to take him out and about.

  2. We will take care of George and Gnomelia, they will be visiting schools when I give out this years Reading Challenge medals and hope that the children will want to come and meet them in Olton Library.